With a return of $5.60 for every dollar spent, investing in CRM is a no-brainer. 

- Nucleus Research

It's no mystery that the most valuable asset a CEO has is their time. Does your revenue process run on auto-pilot, and do you only need to manage the exceptions? With a finely tuned CRM this is quite achievable. You may be mired in the Sales and Marketing day-to-day, especially if you are running a small to medium-sized business. Your time is valuable. Make your CRM work for you. Get back to making decisions, tracking results and having your finger on the pulse of your business.


Executives thrive on metrics...are you getting the right metrics to run and more importantly GROW your business?

My CRM should work for me. I should not have to work for it. 

- Every salesperson who has used a CRM

If you don’t have CRM, you probably feel the pains of inaccurate revenue forecasting, poor insight into sales activities, and customer continuity issues when reps turn over. If you have a CRM, you are in a never-ending quest to increase sales efficiency, improve your revenue strategies, create a culture of accountability and monitor execution. FastlaneCRM understands these objectives and can partner with you to achieve these revenue-based goals through the implementation of Salesforce technology.


How many more deals could you close this quater with a finely tuned CRM?

Be obsessive about one key metric...driving up minutes of engagement with the customer. 

- Forrester Research

Most Marketers will agree that marketing can be boiled down to two things: increased lift (more opportunities) and reduced drag (shorter sales-cycle time). While it sounds simple, there are a multitude of processes and data spread across disparate systems that all contribute to this success. Are you getting the right data, aggregated in the right place, with sufficient analysis to give you actionable insight? FastlaneCRM can help you capture and measure the analytics you need to be successful.


Your CEO wants to understand Marketing's contributions to revenue. Do you have complete insight into Marketing's total impact to the top line?

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. 

- Peter Drucker

You're the leading your company's operations and you are constantly challenged to do more with less. You are already paying for Salesforce licenses but are only using it for your sales and marketing activities. Did you know you can automate approval processes, launch customer communities, build custom applications, replace legacy systems and integrate with your ERP system without having to expand your technology footprint? FastlaneCRM is obsessed with effectiveness, efficiency and automation and can help you achieve your goals with what you already have.


One of the most powerful features of Salesforce is the Operations Cloud waiting to be unleashed for your business. Are there savings you can make in your organization through automation?

More than 25,000 Nonprofit organizations and Higher Ed institutions are using Salesforce 

- Salesforce Foundation - Power of Us

The challenges of running a non-profit are tremendous. Staying on top of donations, events, volunteers, relationships and communications with limited tools and staff can be quite a challenge. Salesforce can not only serve as your technology system for contacts, relationships, donations and communications, the Saleforce1 platform can be easily extended to serve as your operations platform for your entire organization. Imagine a world with no spreadsheets and no training or quality issues when staff turns over!


FastlaneCRM believes in giving back. We offer grants and special rates for non-profits. Start a conversation today to learn how we can help.

Salesforce Solutions and Services

Business Architecture

Identifying the right technology strategy that maximizes outcomes, value and time to market.

Project Delivery

Executing rapid sprint deployments that put working solutions into the hands of your users faster.


Proactively training users, guarding your data quality, implementing enhancements and integrating the right apps so your CRM value increases over time.

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Our Approach


Building a successful CRM system isn’t just about choosing the right technology, as significant as that is. You also need the right plan in place from a business perspective. FastlaneCRM can help you identify where you are in the CRM maturity model (CMM) as well as help you decide where you want to be given your company's current size, scale and plans for growth.


FastlaneCRM has developed a proprietary "Journey to Success" delivery methodology over the past 15 years that has been tuned for the Salesforce platform and the ISV ecosystem of apps. Our mission is to minimize the impact on your team's "day job" while we build the tools they need to succeed. Our process puts finished pieces of solutions in your team's hands quickly without limiting future scalability. Your business moves quickly and so do we.


Salesforce is our platform of choice. For the fourth consecutive year, Salesforce is a leader in the Gartner CRM Customer Engagement Center Magic Quadrant. Salesforce boasts: $5B in revenue, 150,000 customers, a Sales, Service, Marketing, Social, Work and Analytics Cloud platforms, in addition to an ISV partner ecosystem with over 2,800 apps.

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